People who start their training at 8 weeks of age the AUS (let go) will most likely be able to start around 4 to 5 months of age. Keep in mind that it is important not do drive work while the pup is teething. There are only two situations in training a Schutzhund pup (under 10 months of age) that should result in a correction. The first is to HERE (come) when called. The second is to AUS (let go) of an item when told to AUS. It is important that trainers keep in mind the early goal of training is to teach the dog that as long as he receives no command from his handler, he is allowed to hold his prey item. Poor AUS training will destroy this confidence. It is also important that the dog learns that the toys are the HANDLER’S TOYS and not the DOG’S TOYS. The dog learns that through training he is allowed to play with the HANDLER’S TOYS for a few minutes several times a day.