Our Honored GSD’s

It is with great admiration and sadness that we retire our beautiful GSD’s. They have served us well in shows (both nationally and internationally), breeding and have been an integral part of the Bestinhaus success. When our GSD’s reach the age of six, our veterinarian evaluate them. Many stay with us, enjoying a life of rest, play, lazy days, and love from our family. In other cases, with thorough screening we seek to find the right homes for our majestic GSD’s. They are loyal companions, loving, trained, and quickly adjust to their new homes. We encourage you to open your homes and dare to experience the incredible love of a German shepherd.

Escada vom Haus Iskander

Bred In – Germany
  • IPO2
  • KKL life

Emanuela vom Team Panoniassee

Bred In – Serbia
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Cesar Morales, DVM

MOR Veterinary Center, Dade & Broward

Barbara Pérez

Progesterone, artificial insimination, ultrasound, semen preparation for shipping

Fidel Acosta

Master Trainer


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