A program like no other….

Our Ecuador training center brings to you the opportunity to choose the  puppy of your dreams from the available posted litters (8 and 16 weeks old), then follow them through the weeks of training as they graduate through the stages of socialization, relationship building, playing with other dogs, basic obedience commands of sit, stay, come, walking on a leash, crate training making it easy for the new owner to housebreak their new best friend.  At six months your puppy will be ready for its new family and home.

Available Litters

Puppy training
Obedience trained Males and females $4000.00 Plus shipping cost to final destination   All junior pups will arrive to JFK International Airport in New York City.  The Price of the pup includes Basic Obedience Training and freight cost to JFK.  The additional cost of freight from JFK to  its final destination is additional and should be paid to Bestinhaus in advance.

More about this program
This program allows you to pick your puppy at the age of 2-4 months, and then his obedience training begins.  For the next 8 to 12 weeks your puppy will learn the basics such as; sit, stay, come, heel and down.  They focus on skills of socialization with people and other dogs, how to greet people without jumping on them and learn to walk on a leash.
Our team of experts will train your puppy with love.  Periodical pictures and videos will be sent for you to see the progress of your pup.